Buying Used Cars

More and more people are discovering the advantages of Buying Used Cars. For one thing, Buying Used Cars saves money; sometimes a lot of money. A vehicle that is only one year old may be 20 to 30 percent cheaper than a brand new car. Make that a three or four year old vehicle and you could be talking less than half the original price.

The more options a car has, the greater the depreciation. Buying Used Cars is also a great way to afford all those options you were hoping for. Think of it this way, when Buying Used Cars, you may be able to afford a vehicle that is larger and fully loaded for the price of a smaller, stripped down new car. Not only will the vehicle be cheaper, so will the cost of your auto insurance when you are Buying Used Cars.

Another reason more people are Buying Used Cars is that cars today are more reliable than ever. You no longer have to purchase a brand new car to have the assurance that your vehicle will be dependable. In many cases, when Buying Used Cars, you will also be able to find vehicles that are still under factory warranty or are being sold as “certified pre-owned vehicle” which means they include a warranty.

The only real caveats when Buying Used Cars are that you really don’t know much about the previous owner, how they drove the car or how they maintained it. So, it is very important when Buying Used Cars to check the vehicle identification number, or VIN, to see if the vehicle has ever been reported in an accident or previously totaled by an insurance company. You should also, whenever possible, ask to see the service records of any vehicle you wish to purchase. At the very least, if you are not purchasing a “certified pre-owned” vehicle, have it thoroughly checked out by a mechanic. That way, they can alert you if there is anything structurally or mechanically wrong with the vehicle

Buying Used Cars isn’t difficult, but sometimes finding financing for them is. Since car loans are generally “secured loans,” lenders want to be sure that the value of the vehicle is still more than the amount of the loan. That is sometimes difficult to determine when you are Buying Used Cars, so some traditional lenders will compensate by charging significantly higher rates for used car loans.

The best way to avoid any financing headaches when Buying Used Cars is to shop around for your car loan before you starts shopping for a vehicle. Look for a direct lender who specializes in used car loans. A direct lender issues loans directly to the customer without going through a middleman, such as a car dealership. If they specialize in used car loans, they are more likely to give you better interest rates than a traditional lender.

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